Friday, February 8, 2013

{10 Days of Hearts} Day 8: Raspberry Glaze

It's my sons birthday today! We usually end up making a few batches of cupcakes to take to our various activities, and I decided to use this icing for one of the occasions! I like this icing, as it uses fruit, and while it does contain a lot of sugar, it doesn't contain butter or artificial colours.
  • Blend 250 grams fresh or frozen raspberries (I didn't strain the seeds, but you can if you prefer)
  • Add 1 cup icing sugar
This makes a beautiful shiny glaze. Also a really lovely shade of red, and it tastes really nice! I think I did make too much, but the sugar will keep it until valentine's day

So technically, this isn't a heart, but it will ice a few heart shaped cookies, and i thought I should add a project that isn't all crochet!


  1. It's my bubbas birthday on Sunday! Good time for birthdays obviously. This icing is a.gorgeous colour for.Valentines Day!
    From Sarah aka Slapdash Mama

  2. Nothing beats the taste of fresh raspberries in this glaze! The flavour just pops - so much nicer than using food colouring. Found you through FYBF. I'm an L-plated crocheter who struggles with holding the hook correctly. Looking forward to snooping around your blog for some great tips!
    Cheers, Di.

  3. This is fantastic and so easy. I've never seen this done before and it looks so special.

  4. Yum! That looks really delicious! Happy belated birthday to your son!

  5. Ohhhh!! YUMMY YUMMY! This is a great spring/summer treat I think! I will have to give this a try in the coming month or so!!!