Friday, August 12, 2016

I'm moving....

After a few slow years, I'm moving my blog over to

It will be most likely the same kind of fun content, I've just decided to streamline my branding. I also believe a blog is like a story, and chapters must come to an end. This is the last chapter of this blog, but not my whole blogging story.

You can follow on bloglovin, there isn't much there yet! all other social media links remain the same, although you might notice some changes occurred already this year.

Some content will remain here, but please join me at my new blog for fresh new ideas.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pattern Release. Joshua's Newborn Bonnet.

Pleased to announce a new pattern, and a new family member.

Pattern uses US terms. A beautiful unisex, pixie bonnet that fits a 0-3 month old. Perfect to use as a photo prop. Bonnet uses the technique of surface crochet to add a simple, yet striking design. 

Joshua's Baby Bonnet is now on Ravelry

This pattern is free for facebook fans and blog readers until the end of Saturday 23rd July 2016, AEST. with the code 'newpattern'

Thanks again for your support.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christmas Craft - Make it Merry!

Last month I was very fortunate to be invited to the Spotlight Stores Christmas launch for bloggers. We got to check out the new ranges and trends, and it got us a little bit excited for Christmas!

Now that November is here, it might seem a bit early, but I think it's necessary to plan ahead, especially if you are planning on making some of your own decorations!

I've started with a wreath for my front door. I also recently moved house, so it will be the first time decorating this place. I naturally decided to make a crochet wreath! This pattern is a beginner level.

I picked up a Decofoam Wreath and some 8ply  acrylic yarn - the Kringle value ball.

pictures from
Using a 3.5mm hook I made a chain of 40, and then (in US terms)
Row 1 : skip the first three chains, 37 dc chain three and turn.
Row 2 - 100 : 37 dc across (chain three and turn except last row)

Check your size against the decofoam wreath and bind off.

 It should fit very snug.

Using a whip stitch, or whatever you find easiest, sew the long ends together around the wreath.

Now you have a lovely base to add decorations to!

You can add anything, ready made or home made, and make a truly unique piece. I've decorated mine with hearts, made with this pattern.

Enjoy, and please share your pictures with me, here or on facebook!

I've also linked up with And Sew we Craft for their linky party!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Introducing - The Starburst Square!

I've been working on this pattern for quite a while now. Since Easter, in fact! I'm very pleased that it is now ready to be released.
It is currently on ravelry (interested in seeing all my designs- click here)

The pattern will be for sale, but for my readers, until the end of July (midnight AEST) is will be free with the coupon code STARFREE
find it here:

thanking you for your support!

UPDATE: Thank you so much for all your support. My pattern is #1 on ravelry's 'hot right now' list!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back loops and front loops!

Today I am redoing an older blog post, with a little editing! Back loops, front loops and chain spaces - where to put your hook. I will be posting some of the things that I am covering in at Crochet Club!

This is the back loop.

This is both loops. You may find that this is often the default place for the hook to go. If a pattern doesn't say anything, this is where the hook goes.

This is the front loop. 

Working in the back or front loop only creates a different drape, and allows loops to be left for surface crochet and other more advanced stitches

You don't always use the loops, you can also work into chain spaces. Granny squares for example, work through the space and not into individual loops.

We also can use the stitch post, and make front and back post stitches, they are a little more advanced, but I will cover them soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to add a button to your blog

The only coding I know is what I have learnt for blogging, and this particular piece of code has helped me many times. It can add a professional touch to your blog.

I either make my own buttons, using a photo editing program, or use free downloads. I then upload them to You can use any photo hosting site, I have used photobucket since the heady days of myspace, and it has not disappointed me.

You also need a sidebar, or space in your layout for the buttons to appear. They can appear within a blog post, but for handy links, make them obvious.

In blogger, you can click on the 'Design' link, next to where you sign in, Then find 'layout' and click 'add a gadget' in whatever location you want to add a button! There are many gadgets to choose from, but choose the HTML/JAVASCRIPT option.

This is my welcome button. The code looks like this:
 <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Looks crazy! But lets break it down.  <a href="******"><img src="*****"></a>

<a href="This is where you want to click to"><img src="This is your image link"></a>

Copy and paste the link of where you want to go when the button is clicked, and paste that between the first two quotation marks. Copy the direct link, if you are using photobucket, or image URL and paste between second quotation marks.

Super simple and super effective! 

Hope you can use this on your blog. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

C2C - Corner to corner crochet

I've been making some little c2c squares (corner to corner) out of some little mini skeins. They were too cute to pass up. Although the squares are very different in construction to a granny square, they are similar in the sense that they work in clusters and can grow as big as you like, or like mine, you can make little squares and sew them together.

It has been fun making something so colourful, and fun to try out the little mini skeins. As small as they are, they do get a far amount of mileage out of them, and would be perfect for someone wanting to learn crochet, maybe make a granny square, or amigurimi! The exact yarn I used is discontinued, but I found this substitute, in case you'd like to make some yourself: