Monday, July 23, 2012

{DIY} Home made Sugar Scrub

I don't know if this counts as a craft, but it is defiantly DIY! Easy Peasy sugar scrub that makes your skin lovely and silky.

A couple of tablespoons of brown or raw sugar (brown is pictured)
A couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Mix together.

You can make larger quanities if you like, I'm not sure how long it keeps, but I guess quite a while!

If you like making your own beauty projects, I suggest trying this lip stain tutorial from PatchworkCactus. Then bookmark her page because she has a super cool blog.

The link goes through Pinterest, but make sure you click one more time to get to her blog.
EDIT: My linking skills are not great. Get to the lip stain tutorial HERE

I hope you enjoy both projects.


  1. That scrub sound awesome and super easy thanks for sharing I will certainly give it a go. Off to check out the lip stain, which by the way is such a great name for it.

    Swinging by from #FYBF

  2. Love the sound of a sugar scrub! Especially for the winter months too!! I have heard sand from the beach works well too'!!

  3. That scrub looks great. I made one with salt, lemon juice and oil once, but yours looks better :)

  4. I make my own too. I make one for the body using Cetaphil and sugar. Great when you're travelling cos you can just grab a packet of sugar from the service tray in your room and whack it on your body.

    I use caster sugar on my face. I partially dissolve some then scoop it up and gently rub on my face and neck and décolletage until it dissolves fully. I leave it on as a mask to let the acids do their thing. Honestly, my skin is divine afterwards!

  5. What a fabulous idea and so simple! Will definitely be giving this one a go! :)

  6. Just what I need at the moment. And guess what I have both ingredients in my pantry. I'm off to have a bath now. Thanks Prue.