Friday, July 13, 2012

how to crochet a heart {in one round}

This craft tutorial first featured on my personal blog.

I thought it would be fitting to start off my craft blog by posting it here.

These mini hearts are done in one round, so you can whip out a few in an evening. I used 8ply in the example, which is also known as DK, or light. I tend to think of it as 'regular'. This was also done with a 4mm hook (G size)

This pattern assumes some basic crochet knowledge, but dont worry if you are a beginner, over the next few weeks I will be adding basic instructions to help out. Pin it, and come back!

OK... Here it is:

Chain 4, then (without doing a slip stitch) work all the round in the first chain: 3 dtr, 3tr, 1ch, 1dtr, 1 ch, 3tr, 3 dtr, 3 chains sl st in the centre, fasten off.

How easy is that!

That is the UK terminology, and because I am feeling nice, here is the US version:

Chain 4, then (without doing a slip stitch) work all the round in the first chain 3 tr, 3 dc, 1 ch, 1tr, 1ch, 3dc, 3tr. 3 chains Sl st in the centre, fasten off.

If you ever need help with conversion, this is an easy chart I made.

If you like what you have seen, please bookmark the page, add me to your reading list, or pin!

If you would like to see a more detailed set of instructions check out this post!



  1. I haven't crocheted ( is that a word) because I have no need for it in Darwin. I am quite crafty though and love giving my sewing machine a good work out. :)

  2. wow! very crafty.
    I wouldn't even know how to Crochet a straight line. lol
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I don't have the skill or patience for crochet - but love admiring other peoples handy work! The hearts are gorgeous!

  4. Very beautiful! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  5. I would love to know how to crochet, those hearts are too cute. It's definitely something I will have to put on my list to learn.

  6. Thanks for your comments, I am going to post some crochet basics soon, so if youdont know how to, you can learn from the beginning

  7. I tried to learn to crochet once, I sucked at it. Those hearts are so cute... I SO wich I could do it!

  8. So easy to crochet and they look so dainty! i am turning them into a four leaf clover. Thank you for the US conversion ;)

  9. Thankyou for this mini tutorial, was looking for one to do a #yarnifiedlovebomb
    For all the ladies who are struggling to learn crochet, don't give up, the possibilities are endless with what you can make. I learnt from doing it along with youtube videos, the crochet crowd and happy berry crochet are really easy to follow along with ☺

  10. wonderful pattern and than you for the US version since I'm too lazy to translate :)