Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to add a button to your blog

The only coding I know is what I have learnt for blogging, and this particular piece of code has helped me many times. It can add a professional touch to your blog.

I either make my own buttons, using a photo editing program, or use free downloads. I then upload them to You can use any photo hosting site, I have used photobucket since the heady days of myspace, and it has not disappointed me.

You also need a sidebar, or space in your layout for the buttons to appear. They can appear within a blog post, but for handy links, make them obvious.

In blogger, you can click on the 'Design' link, next to where you sign in, Then find 'layout' and click 'add a gadget' in whatever location you want to add a button! There are many gadgets to choose from, but choose the HTML/JAVASCRIPT option.

This is my welcome button. The code looks like this:
 <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Looks crazy! But lets break it down.  <a href="******"><img src="*****"></a>

<a href="This is where you want to click to"><img src="This is your image link"></a>

Copy and paste the link of where you want to go when the button is clicked, and paste that between the first two quotation marks. Copy the direct link, if you are using photobucket, or image URL and paste between second quotation marks.

Super simple and super effective! 

Hope you can use this on your blog. 

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