Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Popcorn Stitch Tutorial

It has been a while since I last post a tutorial! I have been making a hat using popcorn stitch. I'm really happy with how it is turning out. Popcorn stitch is a textured stitch, and quite an easy and effective.

Generally speaking, popcorn stitch is done with 5dc and not 4 like I have done. Truthfully I was trying to use less yarn!

To make one popped corn, 4 dc. (4 tr for UK)
 (The first popcorn of a round has 3ch and 3dc)

Remove hook from work. (While not necessary to pull a loop as large as  I have done, it does help if it is bigger than usual)

Hook through the top of the first dc then back into last hook, pull back to normal size

Yarn over hook and through both loops

In the hat I am making I am putting one chain in between each popcorn, and each row is worked into that chain space of the previous row.

I've been working on this hat for a while now. I'm joining in with Crafty Mummy to finish a UFO (unfinished object!) This is my UFO! and it should be finished very soon.


  1. Love this! I will have to make one of these for my next blanket!

    But meanwhile I really need to get to work on my UFO...

  2. This is really nice!!! I'll have to try this!

  3. Did you finish it? I've just learnt how to crochet and i adore this stitch!