Friday, March 1, 2013

Granny Heart Squares {an update}

When I first published the pattern for these Granny Heart Squares I said I would update my progress as it was going to make up into a baby blanket for my friend. Confession: I haven't done much progress.

However since the pattern has been shared on the Mollie Makes blog, I have had a few people share their versions with me!

Mazie Hutton from

Brenda Rhodes via Facebook page
Liz Croft via Facebook page

From Mollie Makes Facebook page

 And this big one has been sent off to Tasmania to be part of Woollies for Tassie:

I really love seeing the different ways the pattern has been interpreted, and seeing colours I may not have chosen myself.

I hope to get some time to finish my baby blanket soon. I have until June!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I thought this last time I visited your blog too!
    Rebecca XX