Sunday, February 10, 2013

{10 days of Hearts} Day 10: Line of Hearts

Final Day of my 10 part series, and this final project is a little different, because I have not made one... yet.  As always I am browsing pinterest, finding new trends and ideas and I found this edging pattern from Rainbow Knits, A Line of Hearts. I asked if I could feature it and was very pleased when she said yes.

Pattern is available as a download, just click on the above link, or on the picture linked through pinterest.

Such a lovely idea, and I may be finishing off my granny heart baby blanket this way. It would also make a gorgeous scarf.

And this brings us to the end of the feature; 10 days of hearts. I hope you enjoyed! You can find all the links at any time under the 'hearts' washi tape button on the left of my blog, but here is a quick summary for you.

Day 1, Heart Ornament. Day 2, Granny's Heart. Day 3, Potholder. Day 4, Frilly Heart. Day 5, Lacey Heart. Day 6, Cross stitched Heart. Day 7, Danish Heart Basket. Day 8, Raspberry Glaze, Day 9, Sunburst Granny Heart. And Today's post is 10, A Line of Hearts. 


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  2. That's gorgeous! Are the heart knitted too or crochet?