Monday, September 17, 2012

Make a Frilly Heart - add a picot!

A picot is a pretty way to make a frilly edge. It is very easy to do and uses just chains and slip stitches.

Using these instructions to make the heart. Picot stitch makes a sweet border to any crochet project.

Insert the hook where you want the first picot. I don't like to start too close to the centre,  I like to start in the 3rd Chain along:

Pull a loop of yarn through the chain:

3 chains:

Slip Stitch back into same stitch you started with:

Slip Stitch into the next two chains. I've also shown the tail end getting stitched in, to save weaving in ends later on:

3 Chains:

Slip Stitch back into base of 3 chains, and slip stitch into next two chains, repeat around heart :

3 chains and slip stitch back into centre of heart, 3 chains and slip stitch into starting chain. Fasten Off.

And there you have it! Add a chain if you want to make a hanging ornament.

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