Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pattern Release. Joshua's Newborn Bonnet.

Pleased to announce a new pattern, and a new family member.

Pattern uses US terms. A beautiful unisex, pixie bonnet that fits a 0-3 month old. Perfect to use as a photo prop. Bonnet uses the technique of surface crochet to add a simple, yet striking design. 

Joshua's Baby Bonnet is now on Ravelry

This pattern is free for facebook fans and blog readers until the end of Saturday 23rd July 2016, AEST. with the code 'newpattern'
Thanks again for your support.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Easter Pattern!

I've made a lovely Easter inspired blanket for my new baby - Due in June!

The direct Ravelry link to purchase is >>here<<

It is also available on Etsy, click >>here<<

Sergeant Scraps was my sister’s white rabbit. I hesitated to name this blanket after him, as it may imply the use of scrap yarn! But he deserves it. He was a very well behaved Bunny!

This pram sized blanket measures 43 x 56 cm. (17 x 22 inches.) perfect for taking out of the house due to its size, that uses the technique of tapestry crochet.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pattern Testers Wanted!

I have previously asked for pattern testers, with a great response. I'm currently looking for people who would like to be added to a pattern testing group on Facebook for myself and other crochet designers. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please send me an email - crochetaheart (at)

Designers will post when they have a pattern ready, with specifications, like materials and deadline, and testers can choose to be a part of the test group by commenting.

Thanks once again.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Crochet Video Tutorials

This year my only (blogging) goal is to get some videos up on youtube.

I have two so far! I am filming via periscope (as @emma_crochets) and uploading to youtube.

you can find my channel here:

In other news, I'm expecting my fourth child in June!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christmas Craft - Make it Merry!

Last month I was very fortunate to be invited to the Spotlight Stores Christmas launch for bloggers. We got to check out the new ranges and trends, and it got us a little bit excited for Christmas!

Now that November is here, it might seem a bit early, but I think it's necessary to plan ahead, especially if you are planning on making some of your own decorations!

I've started with a wreath for my front door. I also recently moved house, so it will be the first time decorating this place. I naturally decided to make a crochet wreath! This pattern is a beginner level.

I picked up a Decofoam Wreath and some 8ply  acrylic yarn - the Kringle value ball.

pictures from
Using a 3.5mm hook I made a chain of 40, and then (in US terms)
Row 1 : skip the first three chains, 37 dc chain three and turn.
Row 2 - 100 : 37 dc across (chain three and turn except last row)

Check your size against the decofoam wreath and bind off.

 It should fit very snug.

Using a whip stitch, or whatever you find easiest, sew the long ends together around the wreath.

Now you have a lovely base to add decorations to!

You can add anything, ready made or home made, and make a truly unique piece. I've decorated mine with hearts, made with this pattern.

Enjoy, and please share your pictures with me, here or on facebook!

I've also linked up with And Sew we Craft for their linky party!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Pattern!

I've just finished uploading this new pattern onto Etsy and Ravelry. It is called the Op Shop scarf, as it is made as a tribute to a bed jacket I picked up as a teenager! I still have the bed jacket and wanted to make something wearable with the fairly uncommon stitch it uses. 

Download the pattern via ravelry here: 

I've amended the VAT collection for UK customers, so everyone pays the same price. As an Australian, I didn't really understand the VAT collection, so trying to make it fair to all. 

AND as a bonus until the 10th of October AEST the code OPSHOP will get you 50% off on Ravelry OR 50% off any pattern of mine over $1.00 on Etsy.  

I've also started a ravelry group, if anyone need assistance with any patterns -

I hope you enjoy! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Workshop Skills

My first workshop will be on this weekend. I'm very excited, and will be sharing the skills learnt on the blog as soon as I can, so if you are not able to attend, you can still get a bit of a lesson!

The first class is for beginners, and so will be going back to basics!

In other news, I will have a Christmas pattern out this year, so stay tuned for the link and possibly even a free code!

Enjoy your weekend!