Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Pattern!

I've just finished uploading this new pattern onto Etsy and Ravelry. It is called the Op Shop scarf, as it is made as a tribute to a bed jacket I picked up as a teenager! I still have the bed jacket and wanted to make something wearable with the fairly uncommon stitch it uses. 

Download the pattern via ravelry here: 

I've amended the VAT collection for UK customers, so everyone pays the same price. As an Australian, I didn't really understand the VAT collection, so trying to make it fair to all. 

AND as a bonus until the 10th of October AEST the code OPSHOP will get you 50% off on Ravelry OR 50% off any pattern of mine over $1.00 on Etsy.  

I've also started a ravelry group, if anyone need assistance with any patterns -

I hope you enjoy! 

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