Monday, March 30, 2015

What I did in my Year Off.

Even though I didn't blog for most of 2014, I still crocheted!

One of the things I crocheted was part of my wedding dress.

I crocheted an extra 'ruffle' onto my petticoat. And then I needed It to be seen, so I had to wear it a bit longer than my dress. It was all free form, so there is no pattern. All I knew was to increase every second row or so, for it to ruffle. It was fairly heavy, but not uncomfortable. 

My Mother knitted my bolero jacket, which I wear as often as possible. 

I also crocheted a 'modesty panel' as I felt my V neck was very deep.

And my succulent flower crown was made by Flowerkin Creations. Who also happens to be my sister!

And finally, I also crocheted our cake toppers. Sarah and Jareth from the Labyrinth. I also made my own cake, so it was very much a do it yourself kind of wedding. 

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