Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Yarn {in the spotlight}


I've been seeing this brand 'ice magic' yarn cropping up quite a bit. Especially in some of the Sophie's Universe CAL's I've seen online.  I haven't always been a fan of variegated yarns, usually because the colour strands can be too short. This one looks like lovely long ones, so that the colour changes are more subtle. It means you can crochet with colour changes and not worry about too many ends.  I've linked the pictures to amazon, and will be ordering some soon :)

'In the spotlight' is a revamped series, in which I will be showcasing notable products. I am not paid to review, but may receive a percentage from the affiliate links!


  1. i've seen it also, and i would love to order some. but the shipping costs as much as the yarn. do you know of a way to buy it in the usa?

    1. I'm not in the USA myself, and after a quick google, have not found it in store, but it is online at various places, so you might be able to do a price comparison, or wait for a free shipping sale! The price in my link is for 4 skeins.

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