Saturday, August 31, 2013

Patchwork Crochet {part 4)

I started this project a while ago, and lost focus. I was actually a bit disappointed with how it was going. But after putting it on the shelf for a while and having a fresh look, I found some new enthusiasm.

I changed the colours around, and found once I started joining them it was working!

To see the pattern for the square, click here to see the last post in this series, if you would like to see the grid pattern I'm working from, you'll find it here!

My method for joining the squares is by placing the right sides together, and sc into the back loops of both squares at the same time.

And becuase I like to work on multiple projects at the same time: here is the start of a slightly more ambitious version:

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  1. Oh wow! It will look amazing when it is done. So jealous of your crochet skills.

    Thanks for linking up to And Sew We Craft Together x