Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loom knitting with the Amazings : a review

I was very happy when I was asked by the Amazings to review one of their online courses. I had been curious about loom knitting, as I had been seeing the circular looms at my local craft shop, and seeing the opportunity, to not only learn the basics of loom knitting, but also make a complete finished item, how could I say no!
A still from the online course
my own looming

The Amazings run online courses with wisdom from elders (all over 50) with amazing life experience, so you are learning from someone who has been crafting in their field for many years.

The courses have a full list of supplies needed to make the project. In my case I was loom knitting a beanie, so I needed a loom!

I watched my course before starting, as I had ordered my loom online and had to wait a bit, but what I liked about the course, was I could have easily worked along with the video without having watched it first. The instructor (Dot) wasn't just demonstrating, she was also teaching someone on screen which made it really relateable and easy to follow. The videos are cut into chapters, which makes it really easy to go back to a step, or pause for a while.

The hat made during the course

One thing that surprised me was just how fast loom knitting was! The course is a total of 90 minutes, and even though I didn't make the bobble, it didn't feel like it took me much longer than that to have a full finished hat in my hands! I didn't time myself, but it was defiantly a productive afternoon.

So in conclusion, I am a loom knitting fan! If they offer any more advanced techniques, I would be very interested!

The courses do cost money to sign up to, but if that money is going towards more tutorials, then I can totally see the value in that, and showing the elders that their craft has value in today's society.

And my finished hat?

Here it is!

And if you enrol into a class before the 15th of September, you go into the running to win a sewing machine! There is no expiry date on classes. Another bonus!

A few handy links
Link to the loom knitting course
and where I bought my loom online

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  1. I was always very curious about loom knitting. Thanks for this review Emma. Love your hat.