Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday {WIP}

I feel like things have been a bit slow on the blog recently. I'm still here :) I've been working on a few commissioned pieces which makes me very happy, but leaves little time for blogging.

I have a few unfinished pieces, (works in progress) so I thought I should make myself a list and see if that makes me finish them faster.

The Patchwork Blanket- I took a while to decide/find the perfect colours
The Heart Granny Blanket - this is for my friend due in June, so it went on the back burner!
Squares 4 Charity - I have made a few, and hope to make a few more!
Beach Inspired Blanket- yeah, that is a new one. I'm finally making some non baby blankets for my boys.

That is in addition the my 52 project, the year of amigurumi. If you want to join in, don't forget to let me know and share your pictures!

And on another totally different topic, Check out this fun Montessori photo challenge from Patchwork Cactus

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