Sunday, February 3, 2013

{10 days of Hearts} Day 3. Heart Potholder

Today I present this cute crocheted pot holder. Perfect for under your teapot if you are planning a high tea, or maybe breakfast in bed. 

I used this granny square pattern, with a few variations: rows 1-4 are in white, row 5 in red, rows 6 and 7 are in white, and row 8 replaced with sc all the way around. I used 8ply yarn in acrylic, so it is easy to wash, but a different brand than normal that is slightly thinner, and a 3mm hook. 

Enjoy! And if you want to share one you made yourself, please tag with #10daysofcrochetaheart or even post on my facebook page.

Thanks, and enjoy


  1. These pot holders are lovely! I enjoy looking at your pictures #10daysofcrochetaheart on Instagram Emma.