Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yarnbombing Vine

Remember three years ago when I did a little yarn bombing?

Well, OK, it was the start of October.. (see the post here)  .. Anyway it wasn't that pretty, so I've decided to add to it, so it appears to be growing! I don't care if no one notices! And I've got the instructions so you can make one yourself. Dress up an old branch, or do what I did, and tie it to a pole!

The great thing about this pattern, is you can make a single leaf, or keep going till you run out of yarn. You can also make variations easily for a totally unique vine.

If you need a walk through the stitches, links to my tutorials are all here

Start with a foundation chain. Minimum 9, longer for more of a stalk.

Miss one chain (indicated in picture) and single crochet (US) or double crochet (UK) in next chain.

Then 1 hdc, 2dc, 2tr. (US)
or 1 htr, 2tc, 2 dtc (UK)

1 dc, 1hdc and 1 sc (US) or
1 tr, 1htr and 1 dc (UK)

that's one leaf! Fasten off and weave in ends one leaf is all you need,

Chain 20, and repeat for another leaf.

As you can see I made a larger leaf by adding another 2 dc (tr UK). Make a smaller leaf by omitting the trebles (or double trebles!)

I like to finish with a double leaf. After completing your final chain length and single leaf, chain 9 repeat leaf. There wont be a gap this time. 

Have fun!



  1. Oh man! You make it all seem so easy, thanks for sharing

  2. I really must learn how to crochet! Maybe over Christmas

  3. I love this pattern! I don't know how to crochet but I'd love to learn. I love knitting. I'm curious, do you also knit?

    1. I can knit. I'm not as fast so I tend to stick with crochet

  4. Oh, I love it, Emma! And that flower gives it such a beautiful touch!