Monday, November 19, 2012

Etsy Link up.

Right now I am busy trying to make and add things to my etsy shop in time for Christmas.

Since I have readers from all over the world, I was wondering if anyone else has an Etsy shop they would like to add to the link below.

Even if you have only two items, and in fact it doesn't have to be Etsy, but a similar handmade/online shop can be linked up.

That way, we can have more handmade, more crafty goodness and more local artisans supported this Christmas (or holiday of choice!)

If you could take the time to visit (at least) The shop linked before you and share some love. Link is open for the next twelve days. At the end of that time I will pick my fave items from each shop and post here!



  1. Thanks for doing this, I love finding shops I haven't seen before!

  2. What a great idea, Emma! Alas, I have nothing easy shop worthy, but look forward to seeing your have links :)