Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sliding Ring

Have you ever seen something new and then you see it everywhere? 

A friend of mine had a baby the same time as my second son, and she chose a name I had never heard of before. (it was an old fashioned name) and then I saw it everywhere! On baby name websites, lead singers of bands who would have been the same age as me, and in old cowboy movies!

So the same can be said of the sliding ring, or sliding loop. I've also seen it called a magic ring.

I was reading about it in 'Crochet Motifs' by Edie Eckman, and then I saw it mentioned on websites, on patterns and on Pinterest. Maybe I had seen it before, but not taken much notice.

Anyway, its a great method for starting in the round, especially if you don't want a hole in the middle. I can see myself using this for hats, beanies and toys. Doilies, I'm not sure, I like the round hole in the middle, I think it will depend on the pattern.

This would replace a chain and slip stitch to create a ring.

Step1. Wrap yarn around finger with tail at the tip end (tail is short for the illustration, you made need it longer)
Step2. Hook under all loops
Step3. Pull last loop under other two.
Step 4. Crochet as many chains as required. (its easier to do this with it still around your finger. I was doing this one handed, so it is looser than it should be)
Step5. Crochet around both loops, as many time as pattern requires
Step6. Slowly pull the tail, to close the gap.

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