Sunday, September 2, 2012

{crochet basics) Double Treble/Triple Treble

Just one stitch left out of the 'basic stitches' category,

EDIT: My stitch tutorials work into the back loop. For more information check out this post

This stitch is fairly uncommon, and builds directly on the Treble (US)/Double Treble(UK)
If you have mastered that, this one is very easy, so I haven't gone into too much detail.

Foundation Chain. I just did a really small one to quickly illustrate today.

Yarn Over back to front 3 times (one more than the Treble (US)/Double Treble (UK)

Hook into 6th chain from hook (miss 5) -one more than tr/dtr

yarn over and pull through 1st loop

5 loops on hook

yarn over and through next two loops (pictured) then twice more

stitch complete when one loop is left

one stitch into each foundation chain

turning chain of 6. Counts are 1st stitch

Make a swatch if you want to practice!

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