Friday, August 17, 2012

{troubleshooting} What's with all the names?

So far each of the stitches I have shown you have two names. For example single crochet (US)/double crochet(UK) You wont see it ever written in a pattern like that, it will be one or the other and most likely abbreviated. Why am I doing both? In Australia we tend to use the English terminology, but with pattern books and the internet readily available from all over the world, chances are you will see both. I also got confused as a learner myself.

Most pattern books I have seen will be written in one form, with a conversion table at the front. Sometimes a pattern wont specify, but you can work it out if there is an illustration, or by some of the terminology (if there is a hdc its US, if there is a htr its UK)

Patterns can be confusing and wordy, and I will do my best not to confuse the subject any further!

I made a couple of conversion charts, feel free to pin or save for later! I will also have them over in my Stitch Library (click on the button to the right to find it)


  1. Honestly, I'd never heard the term "treble crochet"... I learned it as "triple".

    1. I've seen it as both, and I always called it triple, but then after researching I assumed I was wrong. I think the names are the most confusing part of the whole thing! Its normally abbreviated as tr, so it can be either! Maybe I'll add a note. Thanks Tori :)

  2. Oh, thanks for this! Very useful!!! You make it look so easy :)