Friday, August 31, 2012

Cross Stitch Sampler

I had a few squares hanging around from when I was practicing stitches. I thought this was a cute way to add a design if you are so inclined. You can try on any material really.

You will need thread, a needle and whatever you are embroidering into (Gingham is a great material for beginners, as it has all the squares marked out for you)

I just did the heart free hand. You could make any shape at all!

It's going to be tricky to make perfect Xs, but it can add to the charm!

Do all the slashes the same direction, to the end of the row

Then go back and do the slashes in the opposite direction

To keep it looking even, keep all the Xs the same size, and do all the under slashes the same direction.

Have Fun! Emma xx

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