Thursday, August 16, 2012

{crochet basics} Treble Crochet /Double Treble Crochet

Time for another stitch, We've nearly got them all covered!

This one is called Treble Crochet abbreviated as tr in US terminology and can also be referred to as Triple Crochet.
EDIT: My stitch tutorials work into the back loop. For more information check out this post

Double Treble abbreviated as dtr in UK terminology.

Start off with a foundation chain.

Wrap the yarn around hook twice, from back to front, and skip 4 chains (sometimes called 5th chain from hook)

(If you remember all your other stitches single/double skips one, half double/half treble skips two, and double/treble skips three)

push hook through chain, you will now have four loops on hook

yarn over, from back to front and pull through first chain on hook.

Again, four chains on hook.

yarn over again and pull through the first two loops on hooks

three loops on hook.
yarn over hook (back to front) and pull through next two loops

two loops left on hook.
yarn over again and pull through last two loops

Stitch is complete when one loop is left

repeat into each chain
Yarn over hook twice, hook through chain, yarn over and through first loop,
yarn over and through 2 loops three times in total.

One finished row.

Now for the turning chain:

4 chains, which count as first stitch

Treble/double treble into next chain

Make sure you complete the row! At first glance you may think this row is completed, but one more stitch is needed!

3 rows of 8 stitches completed.

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  1. The treble parade would have been the most perfect moment of my footballing life, but for the two people standing behind me, clearly already plotting their next move. See the link below for more info.