Sunday, July 15, 2012

Handmade Photo Book

Here we have another project transferred over from my other blog. 

update: the book has taken quite a beating! And is still intact. If any liquid gets on the glue, it will react to it, we have had a few stains and smears, but this was designed for a little boy! If you are worried about your child chewing on the book, it might be better to save this project till they are older. 

What do you get a one year old who has two older brothers & two older (male) cousins and has all toys and clothes he could need? A personalised photo book! {today's post is very pic heavy!} I made my own, because I wanted it to be pretty durable for him to be able to handle it himself.

I used a kit that I bought from Spotlight (craft store) which was four pieces of pre cut MDF board. You could make them yourself if you are handy with a jigsaw (or know someone who is) You could also use strong cardboard. The kit was $5 and had many designs. I also purchased a small wooden F. 

I painted each page, (which I don't seem to have photos of) and painted the F black, had photos printed in 4x4 squares (which actually meant I had them printed in 4x6 and cut them!) I had already added all the writing to the photos in my photo editing program.

 Each photo was glued in place with PVA glue mixed with a small amount of water, just to get the glue to spread evenly. I also coated each photo and page with the glue to make a protective shield. I did a test first to make sure the photo wouldn't spoil. ( I am told this is similar to 'modpodge')

Once dry, which took the best part of a day each side, I tied the pages together with some yarn.
And you can see the finished product!

And Finn is enjoying the results! It won't matter if it gets battered around.


  1. Great project, I love how the wood is thick enough to stand up to little hands! The glue issue wouldn't bother me as much as ripped pages would. Thank you for sharing at A Crafty Soiree! I've featured your post in the newest one. It will be up at midnight EST tonight, please come by and check it out when you can!