Thursday, July 26, 2012

{crochet} a rolled rose

Have you been practising your chain stitch and your single/doubles? I hope so, because here is a flower that uses the stitched covered so far.

I like this flower because you can easily make variations.

First up you need to make a chain about 20cm long (usually you will be told exactly how many, so we are breaking the rules a little today!)

first row: single chain (US)/ double chain (UK) to end.

Once you reach the end, flip work over and chain three. Then miss one, and slip stitch in the next.

These instructions may seem vauge, but I think you end up with slight variations between flowers, which is a nice design element. 

The first loop, or two or three, will have three chains making them up, the last ones in mine had 8 or 9.

Fasten off.

Then roll with the smaller loops in the centre.

If you are unsure of any of the steps, the stitches are broken down in more detail under the {crochet basics} tab.

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