Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{crochet basics} slip knot and chain stitch

Slip knots are how you will start off everything. They are actually very easy, but trying to make instructions make them look harder than they are. There are several ways to tie the knot, but the result is the same.

There are ways to do this with the hook, but this is how I have always done it. The hook will then sit in the loop and pull the tail out to adjust the tension.

The tail should be at least 10cm long, I did it a bit shorter so you could see it in the photo.

And now, a colour change! This is the chain stitch, which is abbreviated as ch. The tail has been pulled through so the knot fits the hook, the knot should not be tight at all, but with a little room. The tail is now facing my hand in the photo.

 Wrap the yarn around the hook, from the back, with the hook facing upwards (I apologise from my chipped nails!)

Twisting the hook to face downwards, pull the wrapped yarn through the first hook.

Ta-Da! One chain. Try to get each chain the same size, but dont pull them tight. Repeat wrapping the yarn from the back and then pulling through.

A pattern in the round will only call for a few chains 

But a larger piece may require several hundred!

Any questions? Please ask!

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