Saturday, July 21, 2012

{crochet basics} Single Crochet/Double Crochet

Today we are learning one stitch, but it has two names. (There are US terms and UK terms- United States and United Kingdom) I am going to try to post both terminologies, because often a book or pattern will have one, and you might have to use a conversion chart. Also, when i was learning I didn't know there were different names and I got confused.

Now that you know how to chain (If you don't,  check the previous post) We are going to tackle single crochet/double crochet, abbreviates as sc or dc in patterns

I suggest making a chain of at least 20, just to practice the stitch.


I don't know if I pictured it really well, but usually I wrap the yarn around the hook (from back to front) while it is facing up, and then turn the hook down to pull through.

Again, wrap the yarn while hook is up and then twist to pull. It makes things so much easier!

That is: pushing the hook into the next chain, wrapping once (back to front) and pulling through one loop. Then another wrap (back to front) and pull this loop through the two remaining loops to complete the stitch.

Once you have finished the foundation row, one stitch into each chain, Chain one and turn your work.

(there was a mistake in the next photo, so it has been removed)

Sc/Dc into every the top of every stitch of the previous row. Start by pushing hook through the top of the first stitch, wrap yarn over (back to front) and pull up the loop. yarn over, and pull through remaining loops on hook. 

I recommend doing a few rows at least to practice the stitch, even if you unpick it all to re use the yarn.

Remember to keep all stitches even, and not too tight.

Next up will be a project that only uses this stitch and chain stitch, covered in previous post.

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